Jill Ferraro: Creative Director


About Jill


"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”
—Joe Sparano


Born and raised in central New Jersey, Jill Ferraro was fortunately exposed to many different types of outdoor activities, two major cities, and all four seasons. Wanting to explore outside of the tri-state, she lived in Savannah, Georgia for a few years while attending Savannah College of Art & Design; now known as SCAD. Not only did she learn from professionals with industry experience, she was also inspired by the beautiful scenery and became forever changed by the historic exposure Savannah had to offer. After receiving her B.F.A. of Graphic Design, she came back up north and achieved her dream of working in New York City.

Wearing many hats throughout her career, she has worked in all different aspects of the industry, each just as important as the next—learning from both sides, as vendor and client. Several years, thousands of projects, and millions of NYC experiences later—her love of creating continues to grow, and with the constant changing of the design world, she enjoys being kept on her toes. Jill has worked in sports & entertainment, consumer electronics, retail, advertising, marketing, print production, and branding. She is a challenge-driven professional who is highly proficient in Adobe CC, well versed in web, ecommerce, and creative management, and has a keen eye for design.

When not creating, Jill loves exploring by either boarding a plane or jumping on her bike. She loves to surf and snowboard, and keeps busy with kickboxing, hiking, and Netflix. She also engages in photography, both leisurely and for projects. She is an avid New York Giants fan, and a huge movie buff with a serious addiction to popcorn.

The best thing you can do, is do the best you can do.
— Anthony Basile, my grandfather